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Report: Anaerobic Digestion of Biowaste in Developing Countries. Y. Vögeli, Ch. R. Lohri, A. Gallardo, St. Diener, Ch. Zurbrügg (2014).
Download report (pdf, 3.7MB)

Report: Sustainable Sanitation Practice 9/2011: Biogas Systems
Download report (pdf, 3MB)

Report: WASH United implementation in Lesotho 2010
Download report (pdf, 564 kB)

Presentation at the Lesotho Water Week, Maseru, 07-04-2011: Sanitation Technology Options in Lesotho
download presentation (pdf, 4.4MB)

Presentation at the 3rd International Conference on Life Cycle Management. University of Zurich, August 27 to 29, 2007.
download presentation (pdf, 3MB)

Presentation by C. Kellner: Biogas Technology in Nepal. Bremen, 2005.
download presentation (pdf, 0.9MB)

Report by Ch. Müller, EAWAG: Decentralised Co-Digestion of Faecal Sludge with Organic Solid Waste. Case Study in Maseru, Lesotho. Dübendorf, 2009
download report (pdf, 4.3MB)

Presentation by Mantopi Lefoba and Elisabeth-Maria Huba: Biogas for sanitation in Africa: Experiences from creating a sustainable market 2003-2010.
download presentation (pdf, 6.1MB)


DEWATS: Decentralised Wastewater Treatment in Developing Countries. Ludwig Sasse, 1998.
Download book (pdf, 6.6MB)

Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Systems (DEWATS) and Sanitation in Developing Countries: A Practical Guide. Andreas Ulrich, Stefan Reuter (eds.), Bernd Gutterer, Ludwig Sasse, Thilo Panzerbieter and Thorsten Reckerzügel, 2009.

This is an update of Sasse (1998). The now 368 pages contain verbose chapters dealing for example with planning background. We would love to receive information as to what extent the technical information has been upgraded to justify the 100 MB download.

Download book (pdf, 100MB)

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