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Energy Saving Technologies

Fuel Saving Stoves

Rocket Stove

The Nkokonono Rocket Stove is a firewood saving stove which doesn't produce smoke and can be used indoors and outdoors without a chimney.

Widely extended, it contributes considerably to the reduction of firewood consumption. Firewood is a scarce commodity in Lesotho, and women and children usually have to walk long ways to collect wood.

Institutions with community kitchens profit from the stove, as provision of firewood for feeding school children is one of their challenges. The school feeding programme executed by the World Food Programme provides Lesotho schoolkitchens with rockets stoves delivered by TED.

TED, in co-operation with a local stove-maker continuously refines and improves the design of the rocket-stove as well as the production process.


Heat Retaining Devices

The so called "Wonder bag" which is promoted by TED through the cooperation with ProBec is a device that allows to save energy in the cooking of food.

It is a light-weight cloth bag which is big enough to place a cooking pot in. It is equipped with a material for heat retention. Food that has been boiled can be put in this device before the cooking is finished and the heat retaining material will cause the ongoing boiling for several ours without using energy anymore. So the finalizing of the cooking can be done without usage of the stove or any energy wasting device. This is especially useful for food that takes a long cooking time.


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