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As of 2012, TED has ceased its research activities due to lack of funding. Nevertheless, our well documented installations of various de-centralized energy and wastewater treatment solutions represent a useful base for related research activities. We welcome self-funded academic research projects. Get in touch with us!

Past research activities

Biogas/DEWATS effluent quality and treatment efficiency

TED has established a new small scale laboratory to conduct wastewater analysis for certain parameters. The laboratory was needed so measurement campaigns at different Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System (DEWATS) could be conducted to evaluate the treatment efficiency and effluent quality over the course of the year.   Read more ...

September 2011: New study of treatment efficiency at the "Children's Home' DEWATS system completed

"Weltwärts" volunteer Carla Wunsch has completed an assessment of the treatment efficiency of the "Children's Home" DEWATS system. A comparison to measurements of the the same system in September 2010 gives evidence of the large variability of the treatment efficiency, caused by variable boundary conditions such as temperature and discharge. Read the comprehensive report ...

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