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Aug 17, 2014      Posted by Harald
88 Feet for a better sanitation in Maseru - The Maseru Waste Water Project is about to get serious

Since Monday the 26th of May, 88 Feet are walking through Maseru, fulfilling the very ambitious task to survey all households that are located within the boundaries of the Maseru City Council. Equipped with detailed questionnaires, GPS-devices and information material, they interview the households about their sanitation situation. Read more ...

Aug 17, 2014      Posted by Harald
TED celebrates - One decade for sustainable development in Lesotho

2014 is a very special year for TED as we celebrate our 10th anniversary. Back in 2004 TED started as a small NGO with the objective to bring biogas technology to Lesotho. Until now TED has built and maintained over 170 biogas/DEWAT (decentralised waste water treatment) systems in the Kingdom of Lesotho and the demand is growing. Read more ...

Mar 26, 2014      Posted by Harald
TED's work acknowledged by UN World Water Development Report

In the UN’s latest World Water Development Report, launched March 21st in Tokyo, Japan, ahead of World Water Day, biogas technology is highlighted as a promising way to provide energy, especially in rural areas. The report explicitly highlights TED's work in Lesotho. Read more ...

Oct 30, 2013      Posted by Harald
UNDP Climate Change Expo 2013

TED was present at the "UNDP Climate Change Expo 2013" in Maseru. Read Carlo Schick's report "They came, shopped...and left with innovative solutions".

Oct 23, 2013      Posted by Harald
Pilot Project: 100 prefab biogas plants

TED hosts the project "Biogas for rural households and communities" in which, for the first time, 100 prefabricated biogas plants of different technology providers - connected to hygienic dry toilets, will be installed in up to 5 locations in Lesotho. Learn more ...

Jul 06, 2013      Posted by Harald
EU week 2013

To celebrate the EU Day 9 May 2013, the EU Delegation to Lesotho marked the day with a week of activities in which the EU invited organisations and associations they partner with to present themselves at the Pioneer Mall in Maseru. The exhibition took place from 3 to 8 May 2013, celebrated under the motto "Civil Society, our partner".

Nov 15, 2012      Posted by Harald
Press Release: TED celebrates World Toilet Day 2012

World Toilet Day is observed and celebrated annually on November 19 since 2001. This international day of action aims to break the taboo around toilets and draw attention to the global sanitation crisis. Since 2001 the World Toilet Day has become a global platform for academics, sanitation experts, toilet designers, and environmentalists etc. to share the latest to improve rural and urban toilets.

TED takes a leading role in celebrating World Toilet Day 2012 in Lesotho.

Download the Press Release (308 kB)

Apr 14, 2012      Posted by Harald
Lesotho takes part in the „World Walks for Water and Sanitation“ event 2012

500 Basotho demonstrate for the Human Right to water and sanitation.
A report by Max Träger, TED

Apr 06, 2012      Posted by Harald
Learning Journey in Southern Lesotho

Taking quality control seriously, the TED team traveled through Lesotho to visit and assess a number of their older biogas systems.
A report by Felician Mink, TED

Mar 15, 2012      Posted by Harald
WASH United Event at Leribe High School

Playing the"brown ball game" at Leribe High School to spread the WASH message about the importance of sanitation and hygiene.

Mar 08, 2012      Posted by Harald
One day in a biogas digester

TED-volunteer Felician Mink reports about one of the less agreeable tasks of digester maintenance: re-waxing the inside of one.

Nov 17, 2011      Posted by Harald
The latest issue of the "Ke Nako" newsletter features Elisabeth's work @ TED

Download it here (PDF, 3.5 MB)

Oct 17, 2011      Posted by Harald
The latest issue of Sustainable Sanitation features an article by TED

Download it here (PDF, 3 MB)

Sep 23, 2011      Posted by Harald
New water quality measurements

Carla Wunsch examined the water quality at the "Children's Home" DEWATS in July 2011 and compared the results to data from Sept. 2010. Read the comprehensive report ...

Jul 20, 2011      Posted by Harald
TED provides lecturer for Masters level course at the Norwegian University of Life Science (UMB)

Elisabeth-Maria Huba served as a main lecturer at the Summer Course in Sustainable Sanitation at the Norwegian University of Life Science in Ås, Norway.

Jul 20, 2011      Posted by Harald
TED joins SuSanA and Plant-for-the-Planet

TED joined SuSanA - the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance and the Plant-for-the-Planet initiative for climate protection and biodiversity.

Jul 20, 2011      Posted by Harald
TED joins IWA and WSSCC

TED is now represented in the International Water Association IWA: Elisabeth joined the Management Committee of the Specialist Group on Reuse Oriented Sanitation. TED also is now a member in the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC).

Jul 20, 2011      Posted by Harald
TED presentation IBBK 2011

Mantopi was invited to Hohenheim/Germany to give a Keynote at the international congress "Progress in Biogas II" (March 30, 2011). Her presentation
Biogas for sanitation in Africa: Experiences from creating a sustainable market 2003-2010
was the only contribution from the African continent. The slides are available for download (PDF, 6.1 MB).

May 01, 2011      Posted by Harald
TED co-organizes The World Walks for Water in Lesotho

The World Walks for Water is an event meant to raise awareness on the global water and sanitation crisis. All over the world thousands of people celebrated the World Water Day by joining together to walk 6 km to remind decision makers worldwide that millions of people are affected by the crisis ...

May 01, 2011      Posted by Harald
TED publishes the Final Report 2010 about the implementation of WASH United in Lesotho

Download it here (PDF, 564 kB)

May 01, 2011      Posted by Harald
TED presentation: Sanitation Technology Options in Lesotho

Elisabeth-Maria Huba gave a talk at the Lesotho Water Week 2011 (07-04-11). The picture laden slides of the presentation Sanitation Technology Options in Lesotho are available for download (PDF, 4.4 MB).

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